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Volume 20, No. 4 Volume 20, No.3 Volume 20, No.2 Volume 20, No.1
YR20.4 YR20.3 YR20.2 Yoga Rahasya
  • Yoga where all paths merge into one
  • Do religious and cultural differences influence yoga practice and teaching
  • Literacy of the breath in the nose and nostril
  • Medical confusion: Āsana-s overextend ligaments of the lumbar spine creating hypermobility of the spine
  • Practical concerns: Knee pain in standing āsana-s
  • Śirșāsana and blood pressure
  • Case report on Iyengar Yoga from the UCLA
  • The creator of Lord Patañjali's idols
  • Yoga in the life of Olympians
  • Parthasarthy: We miss you!
  • New releases
  • Guruji answers: What makes him stick to the subject of yoga
  • Learning to learn or learning to teach
  • Cultivating a relationship between a teacher and a student
  • Teaching to strengthen the nerves of students
  • Creativity while teaching
  • On being a teacher and a student
  • Preamble to the prayers and prāņāyāma
  • The art of teaching: instruction, observation, adjustment
  • Learning to recite the Vedā-s    
  • Āyurveda: A primer
  • Ramanujācharya: One of the great Ācharyas of India
  • Iyengar Yoga: A preventive science
  • Bringing life into the elements

  • Yoga for the Youth: An interview with Guruji
  • Yoga: A curative science?
  • Preparations and prelude to the invocation
  • Commencing the journey towards dhyāna
  • Karmas and types of karma
  • Ancient wisdom explained by modern science
  • Parigraha: the disease of hoarding
  • My journey with multiple sclerosis with the strong support of Iyengar Yoga
  • Post-polio syndrome and Iyengar Yoga
  • A yogic walk: An experiment
  • Kriya yoga and serenity prayer: A correspondence   
  • Yoga - the divine light    
  • Guruji on the renovation of the Rama temple in Bellur
  • Atithi devo bhava
  • Guruji on rituals, prayers and visting temples
  • Significance of specific rituals     
  • Invocation to Lord Vishnu - the Supreme Soul
  • Re-consecration of ancient Rama temple
  • Puns, paradoxes and Prashantisms         
  • Shri Krishnamacharya Seshamma Vidya Mandir
  • Sowing the seeds of education in Bellur
  • Sprouting of the seeds: Awakening of the new generation
  • Inauguration of the Ramamani Sundararaja College Campus
  • The Art of Giving
  • Iyengar Yoga for chronic neck pain: A randomized controlled clinical trial
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