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Volume 30, No 1 Volume 29, No 4 Volume 29, No 3 Volume 29, No 2
Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya
  • Sentiments behind RIMYI
  • Ammā: The heart and soul of the Institute
  • Guruji's message on the silver jubilee of RIMYI
  • Geetaji's advise to the students of RIMYI
  • Message from Prashantji
  • RIMYI: In memory of Ramāmani
  • The aims and objectives of RIMYI
  • Tributaries of RIMYI
  • Memories of the early days
  • Memories of Poona
  • Guruji and RIMYI in the 1970s
  • Intensity of the Intensives
  • on Guruji and RIMYI
  • Yogānusaśānam, December 2023
  • Fifty years of RIMYI
  • New release: Yogānjali
  • We are karma yogis
  • Geetaji on Guruji
  • Geetaji on her early life
  • Yoga: A Gem for Women
  • Geetaji on how Gem for Women came about
  • Āsanastha for invocation: A base for dhyāna
  • Forward extensions: A crucial part of our practice
  • Geetaji: Final memories - Preparing for change
  • Geetaji - Geetatai - Geetaāi
  • Geetaji - An exemplary women
  • Geetaji - Personal Remembrances
  • Iyengar Yoga at a Rehabilitation Congress
  • Bashyam Raghu - The rock of Bellur
  • Lighting the lamp of yoga
  • Guru Dakshina
  • Āsana sādhanā - igniting one's practice
  • Bellur - A magical pilgrimage
  • Undersanding stress and the role of yoga
  • Yoga transcends corporate frontiers
  • How to transform a loss making unit into a profitable one - the role of yoga
  • Yoga at the Registrar General of India's office
  • Teaching yoga to a corporate giant
  • Yoga at workplace
  • New Release: Guruji BKS Iyengar and His Institute in the 70s
  • How old is too old to start yoga?
  • Can yoga cure disease?
  • Yoga: the art of living and dying
  • Keep doing asanas or you’ll die.
  • Lessons in life form the pandemic
  • Guruji’s quotes on health and disease
  • Guruji’s quotes on teaching therapeutic yoga
  • Practice during the pandemic
  • Practice during the pandemic - experiences recounted
  • Yoga during the time of the pandemic and the digital world
  • Personal practice is a must
  • The state of flow in an asana
  • What is old? Is age just a number?
  • Review: study of the yoga sutras of Patanjali - Vibhuti and Kaivalya Pada
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