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Volume 25, No 4 Volume 25, No 3 Volume 25, No 2 Volume 25, No 1
Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya
  • On happiness
  • Health: An outcome of determination and faith
  • What is health?
  • Quotes on health by Guruji
  • Lifting the sternum: Samādhi and Yoga sūtras of Patānjali
  • My thoughts on Sādhana Pāda
  • The head in Śirṣāsana
  • Twisting āsana-s
  • Happiness and yoga
  • Yoga and modern life
  • How jyotishi took me deeper into the practice of yoga
  • Light on BKS Iyengar: Perspective of jyotishi
  • My path to peace: my yogic journey through dystonia
  • Ashwin Choksi: A yogic corporate
  • An interview with Guruji [on teacher training and associations].
  • Quotable quotes on teaching [by Guruji BKS Iyengar]
  • An interview with Geetaji [on learning to teach and teacher training]
  • An interview with Prashantji [on learning, teaching and training]
  • A class with Guruji
  • "I want to be a teacher"
  • Teaching: the art of communication
  • Śloka-s on Guruji
  • What it means to be a Guru
  • First encounters with Guruji
  • Guruji - the free soul
  • Address by Hon. Minister of External Affairs, Government of India
  • Guruji on his books
  • Guruji's analogies from life
  • Sutra-s of Guruji
  • Practical guidance to teachers on the art of communication
  • Yogic experiments
  • Prashantisms: Quotes by Sri Prashant S. Iyengar
  • Silent Speech
  • Prashnayantra: Tools for studying
  • Ode to Guruji
  • Guruji's artistic milestone: The photographs of Light on Yoga
  • Exploration. Transformation. Evolution
  • Sense of alignment: it's role in my life
  • Guruji's last public message
  • From the archives: Guruji's aggression or compassion
  • Message from Geetaji on December 14, 2017
  • Guruji's centenary year celebrations
  • Guruji's implicit last message
  • Pune diaries: This is yogānuśāsanam too
  • Be a student of yoga
  • Guruji's centenary celebrations in the land of Lord Krishna
  • Centenary celebrations - Udupi, Manipal
  • Discovering the challenges and responses within: A case study of Multiple Sclerosis
  • On getting well
  • Coming face to face with abhiniveśa
  • New release: Vyāsa Bhashya
  • The centenary celebrations
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