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Volume 11, No.4 Volume 11, No.3 Volume 11, No.2 Volume 11, No.1
  • Guruji on Yoga in the West, Teaching and the Future of Yoga
  • A Glimpse into Guruji's Practice
  • Light on Photography
  • Learn to look within
  • Yoga in Iran
  • Yoga Taravali
  • From Guruji's Dairy: Yogo as a "Weapon of World Peace
  • Amongst Royalty
  • Text on Yoga: Yoga Vasistha
  • The dharama of yoga Teacher
  • Indian's Role in England's World Cup Victory
  • Memoirs of my Days with Guruji
  • Guruji:One in Millions
  • Celebration Time - December 2004
  • Invocations: What Do They Mean And Why Do We Recite Them II?
  • YAMA- The Death of Primitive Rudimentary Instincts
  • The Meaning of “Iyengar”
  • At the Feet of the Master
  • Yoga as a Punishment
  • Celebrations of Yogacharaya BKS Iyengar
  • A Synopsis of the Guruji's 85th Birthday Presentation
  • Why do we use props?
  • Salutations to Guruji
  • In memory of Yogacharani Ramamani
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