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Volume 24, No 4 Volume 24, No 3 Volume 24, No 2 Volume 24, No 1
Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya
  • Guruji answers: How the concept of alignment evolved
  • Guruji's quotes on balance
  • Yogānushāsanam: Gems of wisdom on the discipline of yoga
  • Pancha tattva: Five elements
  • Key to balance in our practice
  • Element-ary yoga
  • Symmetry and space in an āsana: A perspective
  • Ahimsa: Non-violence
  • Facing traumatic situations
  • Explaining yoga: Perspective of Rāmayana - Mahābhārata
  • A hymn by Sage Patanjali in praise of Lord Shiva
  • Union of head and heart
  • Diwali bonus from RIMYI
  • Mahāvratam of Ashtavakra
  • Guruji's centenary celebrations
  • New releases
  • Prime Minister's award to RIMYI
  • Our Tribute to Guruji
  • Evolution and maturity in practice
  • Balancing work, family and practice
  • Nature of a karma yogi
  • Yoga, where science meets spirituality
  • Why Lord Menuhin called Guruji his best violin teacher?
  • Tools for yoga
  • The accidental yoga practitioner
  • Teaching the tough marines
  • On being unwell
  • Yoga and a plastic surgeon
  • Improving the quality of life of prisoners with yoga
  • Yoga and climbing
  • A touch of Iyengar yoga in physiotherapy
  • Relieved from prostate cancer with Iyengar yoga
  • The essence of asana and prānāyāma practice
  • Yoga practice for the elderly in the absence of props
  • Āsana of the body, mind and beyond
  • The pancha mahābhūta
  • Prashnayantra on the bones
  • Bones: The element of earth
  • Bhūtajaya - conquest of the elements
  • Proprioception: The sixth sense
  • Freedom to move: Case report on ankylosing spondylitis
  • Yogāsanas for bone strength
  • Yoga for osteoporosis: Results from a pilot study
  • Summary of research studies on Iyengar yoga and skeleto-muscular system
  • Guruji's āsanas
  • Yogic Culture
  • Yogsādhana: A culture of civilisation
  • Changing life with practice
  • Quotable quotes by Guruji on yogic culture
  • Yoga and women: In our tradition
  • From yog to yogaaaa: Yoga: then and now
  • Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India on UNESCO declaration
  • UNESCO: yoga an intangible cultural heritage of humanity
  • Iyengar Yoga at UNESCO
  • An interview with the Ambassador of India to UNESCO
  • Yoga: An Indic culture
  • Eternal wisdom of Guruji's teachings
  • A four-day journey from outside inwards
  • Cell to Self culture
  • Time to ponder: Who inspired our yogis?
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