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Volume 19, No. 4 Volume 19, No.3 Volume 19, No.2 Volume 19, No.1
YR-19-4 YR-19-3 YR19.2 Yoga Rahasya
  • Introduction to the Core of Yoga Sutras

  • Yoga dharma - the concept of yoga
  • Vishva Rupa Darshan in the practice of āsana
  • Yogāsana - an ādhyatmic academy
  • Depressing depression and panic attacks
  • Searching for the spine: Iyengar Yoga and scoliosis
  • Sage Yajnavalkya
  • What's in a name?
  • Accolades to Guruji's Parśvōttanāsana and Marichyāsana
  • Complete these words of wisdom
  • New release - Yogashastra Tome 3
  • Answers to 'Complete these words of wisdom'
  • Grace of a Guru - Guru krupa
  • Minimum requirements for a yoga teacher
  • Confronting fear while teaching yoga
  • The art of penetration of the mind and intelligence
  • Guruji answers: Would marriage hinders one's practice
    of yoga
  • Developing intelligence: Insight into the standing āsana-s
  • Hierarchy in learning
  • Parivŗtta Trikoņāsana
  • Guruji Iyengar: One of the 50 greatest Indians
  • One of the 50 greatest Indians: Recognition to Guruji &yoga
  • Becoming the āsana - experiencing total integration
  • The Serpent Power
  • Guruji receives the IMC Juran Quality Medal
  • Coming soon: the heart of yoga sūtra-s
  • Creepy crawly creatures can inspire too!
  • A bird's eye view on the Creator & the Creation - Universe   
  • Guruji Iyengar - Ordinary with a little extra
  • Guruji Iyengar on how he evolved on the concept of alignment
  • Karma Yoga
  • Lessons in the art of interaction
  • Twisting āsana-s: Implementing the principle of alignment
  • uruji Iyengar at the Yoga and Naturopathy Conference  in Bangalore
  • Healing the heart: Can yoga be the missing piece that completes the puzzle in modern medicine     
  • Lessons on the mat - lessons in life
  • Lessons from my big toe
  • Kids corner I - Raising the level of āsana practice
  • Kids corner II - Bringing life into the elements    
  • Book Review: Yoga and scoliosis
  • Mind and its facets
  • Patanjali's University of yoga
  • Functionality & emotionality of the senses
  • Erudition from China II - Twisting & forward extensions
  • The cycle of kriyā yoga
  • Learning at the feet of the Master: discipline factor
  • An Iyengar Yoga special program for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Our relationship with time - kāla Natural rhythms of time
  • Reinstating lost traditions in Bellur
  • New releases on December 14, 2011
  • Kids corner I - Salutations to Nature
  • Kids corner II - Pirates at sea
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