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Volume 26, No 4 Volume 26, No 3 Volume 26, No 2 Volume 26, No 1
Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya
  • Pranām to Prashantji on his 70th birthday
  • Practice and abhyāsa
  • Yoga: Lessons in life
  • Āsana - prāṇāyāma and the manomaya kosha
  • Abhijata in conversation with Prashantji
  • Prashantji on the mind
  • Our breath: A true marvel
  • Scheme for building a prāṇāyāma practice
  • Prashantji's use of English
  • The golden key: What Iyengar Yoga has given us
  • Guruji on food
  • Stick to yoga. It will guide your diet!
  • Our scriptures on food
  • Guruji's quotes on food and diet
  • Practical tips on food for yoga practitioners
  • Dietary habits of our family
  • Memory recall
  • Guruji's diet in his nineties
  • Feeding the people of Bellur
  • Guruji's food and diet during his travels
  • Lunch with BKS Iyengar
  • What should we eat
  • Yoga and diabetes
  • Turning point
  • New release
  • The end of an era
  • Message from the PM of India Shri Narendra Modi
  • Guruji on how he learnt prāṇāyāma
  • Practical tips for Śavāsana - preparation for prāṇāyāma
  • The act of breath and breathing
  • Lord Hanumān, Guruji and the yoga sādhaka
  • My Hanuman Chalisa
  • Understanding Breath-o-graphy
  • Yoga and respiratory physiology
  • Iyengar Yoga on quality of life in patients with chronic respiratory disorders
  • Transformation through the small brain
  • How yoga helps in surgery - my experience
  • Geetaji's final public address on Guruji's centenary
  • Guruji on Geetaji and "Yoga: A Gem for Women"
  • Words of wisdom from Geetaji
  • Chit chatting with Geetaji on her birthday
  • Clearing doubts and confusion
  • Prashantji's shraddhānjali to Geetaji
  • Loss of Geetaji. What now?.
  • Memories of Geetaji
  • Our amazing Geetaji
  • Geetaji: Yours and mine
  • Tributes, memories and emotions pour in
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