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 Published by : RIMYI/LOYRT
  • Body Thy Shrine Yoga Thy Light
  • Yogdhara (new)
  • Iyengar - His Life and Work
  • Yogapushpanjali
  • 70 Glorious years
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    Body Thy Shrine Yoga Thy Light / Iyengar - His life and work :
    Available in - English and Italian.

    This book was published by the Light on Yoga Research Trust(LOYRT) on the occasion of the 60th birthday celebrations of Guruji. This contains a autobiographical sketch by Guruji and another touching piece on his wife. There are essays by his students on topics like health, their personal experiences with Guruji, a cultural ambassador, the therapist, the artist.

    This book was re-presented as Iyengar: His Life and Works, which in addition to the material from the earlier book also contains some more essays by some of his students.

    70 Glorious years :
    Available in - English.

    Guruji's 70th birthday was celebrated in Pune for a week. The celebrations consisted of discourses by eminent philosophers & doctors and symposia on various topics. The proceedings of these symposia along with interviews of Guruji specially taken on this occasion have been compiled in this volume.

    Yogapushpanjali :
    Available in - English.

    This publication is a collection of memorable articles written by the Iyengars and students of "Iyengar Yoga" which was first printed during the various functions and celebrations of the Institute since the 1970s. Many of the articles are philosophically bent while most are expressions of students experiences which often serve as a source of inspiration for those trying to grasp this subject.

    Yogdhara :
    Available in - English.
    Yogdhara is a commemorative volume published on the occasion of the Iyengar Yoga Festival in 1998. It contains essays on individual experiences of teachers and students ranging from teaching students with HIV to poems. It also contains articles by the Iyengars.

    B.K.S Iyengar
    Geeta S. Iyengar
    Prashant S. Iyengar
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