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 Author : Prashant S. Iyengar
  • Prashant Uvacha
  • Class After Class
  • Yoga and the New Millenium
  • Alpha and Omega of Trikonasana
  • Organology and sensology in Yogash_stra (new)
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    Organology and sensology in Yogashāstra :

    This is an English translation of Sri Prashantji's original Marathi book. This pocket sized book opens up a whole new dimension on our understandng on how the organs and senses work. It gives us a very interesting combination of modern, physiological perspective on the organs and senses and the yogic understanding of the same. The general understanding is that the senses of the eyes are for seeing, ears for hearing, skin for feeling and nose for smelling.

    This book explains how the functioning of the senses in not just mechanical like the eyes beings like cameras or the ears like a tape-recorder and how these senses are affected by the our mind, intelligence and emotions.

    It explains how the organs have their ‘own mind’ and how they are influenced by the emotions.  For example, the heart beat rises with physical exercise and so also with fear.
    A book which will open up our horizons and the way we ‘look’ at our organs and senses. Ultimately it would naturally influence the way we practice our āsana-s and prāņāyama as these in turn influence and are influenced by our organs and senses!

    This book is published by RIMYI and YOG.

    Class after Class :
    Available in - English

    This booklet is a transcript of an interview of Prashant S. Iyengar. The interview covers various aspects of Iyengar Yoga practices. It articulates the unique features of Iyengar Yoga practices such as the sequencing of asanas, the importance given to timings and the technical intricacies. It explains clearly as to how the mind is involved in one’s practice and it guides one in one’s practice through various stages and ages of life. A book which would be serve as a revelation for the "Iyengar Yoga" practitioners.

    Yoga and the New Millenium :
    Available in -

    A new revised, edited and illustrated version of this book was released on Patanjali Jayanti 2004. It is a transcript of the talks given by Sri Prashant S Iyengar on topics such as our system, karmascopy, dietetics, dreams and time.
    Therapeutics and karmascopy, Dietetics and Dreams highlight how our approach and understanding of diseases, food and dreams is narrow and restrictive today.
    Mentology deals with the psychology of the mind, a subject totally unknown today while Time is a pragmatic interpretation of the philosopher's favourite piece of advice to live in the present! A book, which opens out new horizons on subjects close to human existence.

    Prashant Uvacha :

    This book is a transcript of the Tuesday evening classes taught by Sri Prashant Iyengar in 2002-2003. It includes sequences of the asanas and his instructions while teaching the different asanas and pranayama. It also includes his analogies from day to day life and his quotations. Audio CDs for specific classes are also available.

    Alpha and Omega of Trikonasana :

    Trikonasana has been used as an example to explain how asana practice is a journey from external beginnings to the knowledge of the ‘soulosphere’. The process of involution from the external geometry to the inner purport of Trikonasana is beautifully described. Most practitioners misunderstand the purport of the yogasanas as ‘doing the pose’. ‘Doing’, Prashantji explains, must include alerting, activating, sensitizing, perceiving and becoming pensive and reflective in a pose. These are all modes of ‘Doing’. He clearly explains that Yoga is a heuristic subject where ‘one learns from oneself and one teaches oneself’. This requires a keen observation of the interplay of the three major players in the asana practice – body, mind and breath.


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