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 Author : Geeta S. Iyengar
  • Yoga : A Gem For Women
  • Yoga In Action: A Preliminary Course
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    Yoga - A gem for Women :
    Available in - English

    This book was published in 1983. It has now become a classical book on Yoga for women. This book takes into consideration the milestones in a woman’s life. It also gives an explanation on the physiological changes that a woman undergoes and the problems that she may encounter. A special section has been devoted to "Yoga Kurunta", practising asanas with the help of ropes. The other important sections are on savasana, pranayama and asana and pranayama practice during pregnancy. A book which is a must for all women practitioners of yoga.

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    Yoga in action : A Preliminary Course :
    Available in - English

    This latest publication is meant as a manual for the new practitioners of Iyengar Yoga. This book guides the students in their individual practices by providing a step wise approach of every asanas. It has several graphics of the final classical asanas and also the intermediary stages. A must for all those aspiring to take to the study of Iyengar Yoga as well as the teachers so that they too can systematically guide their students.

    Yoga in action : Intermediate Course :
    Available in - English

    The second book in the Yoga in Action series – the Intermediate Course was released on the occasion of Guru Purnima 2013. Several years ago on various public occasions, Geetaji had given many practical lecture demonstrations entitled ‘Yoga in Action.’ These presentations were recorded and covered the various āsana-s which form part of the preliminary and intermediate courses of RIMYI.

    Nearly a decade and a half ago, these presentations were released in the form of a book called as “Yoga in Action: Preliminary Course.” This book became a practical guide for students to practice what was taught in the classes. The book became immensely popular and has been translated into many languages as students can refer to this to practice on their own or revise what was taught in class.

    The second book in the series – “Yoga in Action: Intermediate Course I” was released on the occasion on Guru Purnima. It deals with slightly more difficult āsana-s than those described in the preliminary course.

    The book is immensely popular and over 8000 copies have been sold in 8 months!

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