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    Samadhi :
    Available in - English

    An aesthetic presentation of the art of yoga by Guruji. This 22 minute film is a perfect depiction of grace and harmony in the practice of yoga. Samadhi, a winner of the "Rajat Kamal" - the silver lotus award was first made by the Film and Television Institute of India in 1977 where Yogacharya Iyengar orchestrates the healing science and the spiritual art to his students.

    80th Birthday Celebrations :
    Available in - English

    This 12 set of videos (3 hours each) available in the PAL and NTSC format is the unedited version of the asana and pranayama classes. They were conducted by Guruji, Geeta and Prashant Iyengar during Iyengar Yoga Festival, 1998. It also includes the discourses and questions-answer sessions held during the Festival.

    Silver Jubilee Celebrations :
    Available in - English

    A set of 6 videos (3 hours each) in PAL and NTSC format is the unedited version of the teachings of Guruji during the silver jubilee celebrations of RIMYI. These were classes for senior Iyengar teachers from all over the world.

    B. K. S. Iyengar – Sculpting Humankind :
    Available in - English

    A documentary film shot in India, USA, UK and Europe available on Beta Pal for TV Broadcast.

    The flame of yoga that Guruji has ignited has spread all over the world with an estimated four million practitioners of Iyengar Yoga today. Leading universities in the world now offer it as a credit course. Thousands of Iyengar Yoga teachers are developing to enrich humanity and meet the coming age of awareness with the Light on Yoga.

    Light on Iyengar Yoga :
    Available in - English, German, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew

    A 30 minute documentary film shot in India , USA, U.K. Spain , Israel, Australia available in the Beta Pal for TV broadcast. The film is made up of 7-8 stories which will reflect the ways Iyengar Yoga has altered the lives of practitioners in different fields, be it prisoners in Tel Aviv, HIV+ patient in Colorado, rugby league players in Australia, or a group of persons detoxified of chemical dependence in India. In every instance an Iyengar Yoga teacher being healed transfers knowledge to others around.

    Atmajnana of Yoga :

    Guruji’s remarkable teachings during his 85th birthday celebrations in 2004 which led one to the core of one’s existence was recorded live. Prashantji daily summarised his teachings. The complete set of these recordings is available as a set of 11 video CDs and 9 ACDs entitled Atmajnana of yoga.

    Yog-sadhana :

    This is live recording of the asana and pranayama classes taught by Geetaji at the convention, Yog-sadhana held in Pune from December 9 to 13, 2004 to mark the 60 years of her sadhana. The entire set consists of 25 Video CDs and forms a very firm foundation and teaches of the practice of asana leads us to penetrate deeper inwards.

    " A good teacher helps you to explore to the maximum."