Primary aims of projects being undertaken by the trust
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Dr. B.K.S. Iyengar
(Padmabhushan Awardee)

Sri B.K. Cheluvarajan

Sri. B. Raghu
Mg. Trustee

Sri. T. Narasimhan

Sri. B.R. Kannan

Dr. Savita Raghu

Sri. K.R. Muralidhara

Dr. Onkar

Sri. Arun

Sri. Raghavendra Shenoy

Sri. Ramaswamy

Sri. Sharadamma

Sri. R. Madhava

The proposals fall into the main areas of Education, Social, Health and Cultural.

1. The setting up of Primary and Higher-Primary schools, at Bellur Village as well as other backward areas in the country.
2. To up-grade the already existing village schools to a higher grade.
3. Set up technical and education institutions for imparting job orientated courses and vocational training, that is applicable and will uplift the rural youth and improve their employment prospects.
4. To support and provide adult education centres in rural areas.
5. Setting up of libraries and reading rooms in villages.


1. To improve living standards at the village level, especially with education in the problem areas of alcohol and tobacco consumption.
2. Provide clean drinking water facilities and improve the sanitary & drainage conditions at villages, thereby improving the general public health.
3. Educate and create awareness among rural peoples about the latest developments in the fields of agriculture and allied areas and to support their actual implementation.

1. To create awareness among rural people of the importance of individual as well as public health care.
2. To establish primary health care centres at villages as well as backward areas.

1. To promote and further the technical and artistic skills of the rural people in the field of traditional and handicrafts and help to establish cottage industries.

" Work is Karma Yoga; word is Jnana Yoga. No conflict in word and work is YOGA."