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Volume22.4, 2015 Volume22.3, 2015 Volume22.2, 2015 Volume22.1, 2015
Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya Yoga Rahasya
  • Patañjali and the symbolism behind his idol
  • Iyengar Yoga: Patañjali Yoga or Hatha Yoga
  • Āsanas: a spiritual sādhanā
  • Importance of āsana in dhyāna
  • Doing, learning and feeling
  • The spread of yoga: Its implications
  • Creating the inner ambience for prānāyāma: Tasmin sati the preparatories
  • Dhārmic practice of āsana
  • Yoga at your 'finger-tips'
  • Patañjali Charitam
  • Gift of breath: Part III Inhalations
  • Atmasatakamśāsanam . .   
  • Guruji Iyengar's message for teachers & would be teachers
  • Qualities of a yoga teacher
  • Teaching yoga is a big responsibility
  • Anna - my father
  • Message on the International Day of Yoga
  • Sadhana
  • International Day of Yoga at RIMYI
  • President of India speaks on Yoga
  • Body is my temple, asanas are my prayers
  • Creating freedom
  • Guruji on his 'system' after him
  • After Guruji
  • Memorable quotes by Guruji on religion, spirituality & universality
  • Guruji's answers on queries related to yoga and religion
  • Yoga is one and Yoga is for all
  • How the gates of the west opened to accept yoga
  • Yogic sutras on Universality
  • The art of pranayama
  • Glimpses from "Pranayama"
  • Practice: International Yoga Day
  • How Guruji made yoga universal
  • PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi on International Yoga Day
  • The United Nations resolution on the International Yoga Day
  • Health from within
  • The gift of breath: Exhalation
  • Homage to Dr. Chandrakant Garudkar
  • Atha Yoganuśāsanam . .   
  • Guruji on his own discipline
  • The discipline of a yoga practitioner
  • Guruji speaks on discipline and freedom
  • Memorable quotes by Guruji on discipline
  • The human mind
  • Yoganuśāsanam : A journey well begun
  • Geetaji speaks at the start of Yoganuśāsanam
  • Glimpses of Geetaji's radiance during Yoganuśāsana   
  • Atha Yoganuśāsanam goes on  
  • Facts and figures about Yoganuśāsanam
  • Marc Zambon - An inspiration
  • Knowledge and the art of learning
  • Yoga research: Does it exist? Is it possible?
  • The capacity for virtuous behaviour as an essential component of spiritual capacities
  • Hasmukhbhai is no more!
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