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LOYRT and RIMYI have designed a course on "Certification in Yoga" for children that helps them to be physically stronger, mentally alert and they enjoy it. This is a universal course.

The table below shows the various levels and the minimum age at which a child can appear for an exam.

Level Age
Arambhic 9 - 11 years
Prathmic 11 - 13 years
Dvityik 13 - 15 years
Trtyik 15 - 17 years
Praman Patra 17 years and above

This 8 year certification course has a universally applicable syllabus which provides students a firm grounding in the science and philosophy of yoga. This enables them to achieve good physical and mental health, emotional stability and clarity of thought on completion of the 'Praman Patra' level.

The course also includes examinations. For each level, the student appears for theory and practical exams. For the final Praman Patra level, the student is even taught the art of teaching children. On successful completion of this level, the student is permitted to teach yoga.

Since 1997, examinations have been conducted and over several hundred successful students have been awarded certificates by RIMYI.

Certification Course for children
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